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AJS Footnotes is a WordPress plugin designed to make attractive, HTML capable footnotes easy and simple.

On this page…

Download Info

You can download the AJS Footnotes plugin from the WordPress website at the link below.

AJS Footnotes Plugin

This is also the best place to get the code if, as a developer, you decide you want to make changes as, at the current time, I'm not keeping a public SVN or Git for it.


The plugin should install without difficulty via the WordPress Plugin installer. Information on how to use that installer is found in the WordPress Codex.

If for some reason you want to install the plugin manually, all you need to do is move the folder contained in the zip file to the plugins directory on your server. Normally, that directory is wp-content/plugins but you may have changed that during your WordPress installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mark a footnote?

Enclose the text you want to make a note from with double parenthesis. For instance ((This text would be in the note.))

What does "Escape HTML Entities" do?

The "Escape HTML Entities" option will cause WordPress to escape the text for the HTML special characters before displaying it. This will turn characters like & into &.This is necessary if your characters are not already escaped. In most cases, this is not the case, as WordPress escapes those characters when they&aposre entered into the system. However, if things aren’t working right, you may need to turn this option on.

I'm seeing strange &'s with letters after where punctuation should be…

Turn "Escape HTML Entitees" off. (See above FAQ)

Bug Reports

If something is hinky1 with the plugin, I want to know about it. I can't fix bugs if I don't know about them. Please log your bugs into the WordPress Tracking system (you'll need a WordPress login) or use the information on the Contact Page to submit bug reports. To make your submission count, please include all useful information such as what browser you're using, and a link to the problem post/page if possible.

Feature Requests

Feature requests can be made in the WordPress Forum, or sent to me directly via the Contact Page.

Current upcoming features include:

  • Post-by-post overrides of all settings
  • Stopping notes from trailing off the page
  1. see also: weird, strange, atypical, broken  (back)